Third-Party Providers

As a trusted technology provider, ISAAC carefully selects third-party technology solutions in the industry and presents a curated list of only reputable organizations.

Gain more value from your ISAAC solution by adding valuable functionality from our reliable partners.

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Peace of mind

Only proven, trusted and responsive partners are selected for integrating with the ISAAC solution.

Tailored as needed

Get added options to meet your fleet’s specific needs with our wide array of selected third-party apps.

Strong partnerships

Add valuable features to your ISAAC solution thanks to our technology partner add-ons: CoPilot Trick, Drivewyze Preclear and SpeedGauge.

Proven success

You can count on proven success for each listed technology partner, as they are already actively integrated to ISAAC’s solution with at least one of our clients.

We provide fleets with more options and flexibility thanks to reliable trucking tech partners.

CoPilot Truck

Drivers are offered the best itinerary based on vehicle type with the CoPilot Truck navigation system integrated with the ISAAC solution.

Drivewyze Preclear

Drivers receive bypass authorizations for weigh stations and mobile inspection sites directly on their ISAAC tablet, without a transponder.


Drivers engaging in risky driving behavior and speeding are identified with SpeedGauge to promote better road safety.

Go further with powerful integrations

With our previous supplier, it took two years to implement workflows, and it had only half of what we wanted. ISAAC was able to implement near perfect workflows in only three months.

Corey Cox

Vice-President of Information Systems, Tandet Group

Get the most from your technology with ISAAC’s Open Platform