Drivewyze PreClear

Stay on the mainline and drive by weigh stations.

Drivers receive bypass authorizations at weigh stations and mobile inspection sites directly on their ISAAC tablet, without a transponder.

ISAAC Instruments ELD logbook

Save time & money

Avoiding stops and slowing at scales saves fuel and on-duty driver time.

Deliver loads faster

Bypassing keeps drivers moving to the next destination.

Promote driver happiness

Drivers are 3x more likely to work for a company with a weigh station bypass program.

Just activate the feature

No hardware purchase necessary or extra device costs.

Drivewyze PreClear and Safety notifications are integrated directly within the ISAAC solution.


With over 840 weigh stations and mobile inspection sites in 47 states and provinces, including Ontario and Alberta, Drivewyze is the largest bypass service in North America.

How much would your fleet save using Drivewyze?