ISAAC’s latest features allow to perform preventive maintenance, manage personal views on assets, use hours of service information to improve other processes, and optimize truck loads.

To help simplify trucking, our team is constantly working on the evolution of ISAAC’s solution!

1. Simplify wheel retorquing

Avoid wheel separation with simplified wheel retorquing management. In addition to the wheel retorquing feature for drivers on the ISAAC InControl tablet, mechanics and safety managers can manage wheel retorquing directly in the ISAAC InRealTime web portal or via their maintenance systems thanks to integration.


2. Prevent expensive repairs with diagnostic trouble codes in real time

Every truck generates a large amount of diagnostic trouble codes (DTC). ISAAC’s solution helps carriers filter through all this noise by allowing them to retain only codes of interest.

ISAAC’s DTC tool empowers maintenance managers to make proactive repairs at the first signs of trouble by relaying the information to their maintenance systems through APIs.

3. Improve productivity by managing assets visibility

The new assets access functionality allows carriers to manage the visibility of assets (drivers, trucks, trailers) for ISAAC solution users.

Enhance productivity by displaying only relevant assets, whether by terminal, division, business unit or any other useful grouping.


4. Leverage hours-of-service information

Enhance your internal processes by exporting your drivers’ hours-of-service information via ISAAC API’s. The information includes the drivers’ time spent in each duty status and the distance traveled.

This type of information can, for example, help facilitate driver payroll by connecting ISAAC’s data with timesheet reports.

Speaking of service hours, also know that ISAAC regularly updates its solution to meet the specific hours-of-service requirements based on region and operational exemptions: U.S. agricultural exemption, Canadian fertilizer exemption (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba), and Texas Intrastate HOS.

5. Get accurate freight dimension information

Get even more value out of ISAAC’s Pickup & Delivery module by having drivers enter the cubage of different-size pallets in a load.

Use this information to help with planning as you’ll be able to determine remaining floor space and improve billing accuracy and timeliness.


If you are already an ISAAC client and want to take advantage of these improvements, contact your Client Success Manager to schedule your update. You’ll find complete documentation on your ISAAC InRealTime portal and on the Client Center.

Want to benefit from these features in your fleet?

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