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Walmart Canada, the global retail giant’s Canadian division, is one of Canada’s largest truckload shippers, moving millions of pounds of truckload freight each year.

  • 400+ stores in operation
  • 1.5 million customers served daily
  • 1.5 million customer visits on its website daily
  • 1,200 daily deliveries inside a six-province network
  • 60,000 miles daily within a fleet of 350 tractors, 4,000 trailers, and 700 drivers
  • 100+ dispatchers and support staff, across 12 distribution centers

Freight movements are generally domestic and inbound from retail vendors to stores.


The challenge

Francis Lalonde, vice president of transportation, recalls when Walmart Canada’s legacy telematics system started showing its age.

Increased frequency of maintenance requests, and needing to find workarounds created regular inefficiencies, delays and driver frustrations.

For Walmart Canada, a more modern telematics system was clearly needed—one to allow for a more paperless operation and provide quality, actionable data for improving operations.


Determining the right solution

Walmart Canada investigated multiple telematics providers, relying heavily on the feedback of drivers who most directly interact with the technology every day. Drivers were overwhelmingly pleased with ISAAC’s solution in several areas:

• Overall ease of use
• Fast response and communication times
• Simple DVIR process
• Easy hours-of-service (HOS) module
• Durability of the tablet

Walmart Canada believed ISAAC offered the most dynamic, customizable and real-time electronic logging device (ELD) and telematics system for its operations.

In transportation, you have to manage every minute of your day. This is saving us minutes here and there with all this efficiency and it’s turning into hours.

- Francis Lalonde
Vice President Transportation, Walmart Canada


A successful transition

Once Walmart Canada moved forward with ISAAC, it took about two months to install the devices and train everyone. Lalonde called the process both “smooth” and “lightning fast”.

They immediately saw their biggest pain points addressed, including communication between dispatch and drivers, which saved valuable time to keep the wheels turning. “In transportation, you have to manage every minute of your day. This is saving us minutes here and there with all this efficiency and it’s turning into hours,” Lalonde says.


Walmart Canada was also pleasantly surprised at how much interest drivers took in their own performance with the ISAAC Coach which provides real-time guidance for safe and efficient driving.

It scores drivers based on their performance, while eliminating factors outside of their control. Lalonde credits the ISAAC Coach for creating a friendly competition among drivers and significantly boosting driver engagement.


For fleets in a similar situation as Walmart Canada, Lalonde has some straightforward advice. “There’s no time like the present. Updated technology allows for operational and data quality improvements that can level up your business,” he says.

Leveled-up business was the end result for Walmart Canada, as it continually strives to build upon its reputation as a leading safety-focused trucking fleet.


Along the way, Walmart Canada has found that “ISAAC is way more than a vendor—they have been a great partner in our modernization journey,” Lalonde says.

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