Optimize Fleet Management by Going Beyond ELDs

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We’re 100% focused on trucking and partner with fleets just like yours to overcome daily challenges and contribute to your success. ISAAC goes far beyond ELDs by working closely with you to reduce operating costs and keep your drivers happy with an easy-to-use solution that helps them save time.

ISAAC offers an all-in-one solution with advanced features like the ISAAC Coach—a real-time driving coach that guides drivers to improved fuel efficiency. The ISAAC solution is rugged and built for trucking, helping to keep the wheels turning by giving drivers reliable in-cab technology.

Some of the benefits we offer:

  • Connecting people and technology with an efficient solution that improves communication
  • Giving drivers in-cab tech that simplifies their work, like logbooks that fill out automatically
  • Integrated video and safety data that provide insight on road incidents and critical events

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Fleet Benefits

Solve major trucking challenges

Driver Happiness

Simplify the life of your drivers

ELD Reliability

Benefit from reliable technology

Cost Savings

Save money in various ways

Safety and Compliance

Ensure safe and compliant operations

Client Journey

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Solution Innovation

Future proof your technology

Client Success

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Game-Changing Features

Give your fleet an extra edge

Built for Trucking

Equip your fleet with durable tools

Predictive Workflow

Guide drivers with a simple workflow

Smart Compliance

Make compliance simple

Real-time Coaching

Achieve greater fuel efficiency

Remote Tablet Control

Enable effective teamwork

ELD and Fleet Telematics

Discover a built-for-trucking solution

Fleet Management Portal

Centralized portal for your office team

Driver-Friendly App

Versatile and user-friendly tool

Communication Gateway

Keep your team and drivers connected

Connected Cameras

Enhance safety, protect reputations

Open Platform

Get the most of your technology

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