ISAAC’s Electronic Logging Device (ELD) meets the specific needs of road transport fleets in North America. Designed as a mission-critical system from A to Z, it is 100% trucking friendly. It is a robust, reliable and easy-to-use ELD.

But that’s not all. ISAAC’s solution gives you more through integration capabilities. ISAAC’s Open Platform gathers the leading vendors in the trucking industry to maximize your productivity and integrate with your existing systems.

Beyond the device itself is a team dedicated to both the road transport industry and to your success. You get personalized assistance from our Client Success Managers and technical support team when you need it most.


ISAAC’s solution is proven and trusted. 40% of the large carriers in Canada rely on ISAAC. Exceptional system stability and uptime combined with a very low equipment replacement rate make the solution a solid choice. At ISAAC, clients are loyal partners and ambassadors.

Now Certified.

ISAAC’s ELD is certified by an accredited third-party organization and 100% compliant with ELD regulations in Canada and the US. All devices ever installed by ISAAC are compatible with the new regulations. No new investment is required for ISAAC clients, and software upgrades are free as they are part of the service.

We provide a scalable solution to address the challenges and changes of the transportation industry. ISAAC’s solution goes beyond compliance. The automation features your drivers love also increase your investment return. Go beyond compliance as well and expect more from your ELD solution!

Time to move forward!

Let us help you navigate through the Canadian ELD regulations.