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ISAAC Instruments

Passion at the Heart of Innovation

Our Mission

To connect people and information by providing innovative turnkey solutions to drive truck fleet performance

Our Culture

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Trust & Autonomy

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Passion for innovation

Our Story

From Hobby to Entrepreneurial Success Story

In a quest to improve his own performance, racer and race engineer Jacques DeLarochelliere developed a technological tool to collect and process vehicle and driver behavior data.

Founded in 1999

Named after renown scientist Sir Isaac Newton, ISAAC had its first success in 1999, when it was invited to meet with the world’s largest car manufacturers, including Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, and Toyota. ISAAC thus gained unique knowledge, valuable telemetry experience, and built a solid technological base.

Focus on the Trucking Industry

The economic crisis of 2008 forced the automotive and transportation industries to streamline their activities. That is when ISAAC decided to lend its expertise to the road transport market. The company focused all its energy on providing carriers with valuable information to maximize their productivity and make smart business decisions.


Today, ISAAC Instruments is at the heart of operations for a large number of carriers of all sizes, including some of the largest carriers in the Canadian Top 100.

Client Experience at the Forefront

Innovation and service are two key elements for ISAAC. Whether in terms of handling implementation or technical assistance, our team of professionals always provides unmatched support. We oversee the entire ecosystem to provide an outstanding client experience.

Meanwhile, the research and development department continues to ceaselessly innovate and take the Internet of Trucks to new heights. For every person in sales at ISAAC, 20 more are dedicated to delivering the goods.

An Experienced Team

ISAAC’s experienced team combines passion for innovation with pride in customer success. Our seasoned, committed, and skilled employees spare no effort to offer an unrivaled product and unique customer experience.

The leadership team is both diverse and multidisciplinary. The expertise and experience of its members are significant assets to ensure and support company growth.