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Driving Engagement Through Corporate Culture

Join us and start designing your culture!

85% of employees are disengaged in their workplace.*

Corporate culture is on everyone’s mind, but what exactly is it? Everyone has a different definition but strip it down to the basics and it means “the way we get stuff done around here.” – Forbes.

Culture is not just having napping pods or flex hours, culture is the shared values of the people in your organization. Watch this webinar and discover how you can take charge of your culture, foster leadership at all levels and increase engagement.

*According to the 2017 Gallup State of the Global Workplace report.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the need for a strong corporate culture – How does it benefit recruitment and retention efforts.

  • Great leaders build culture – How to improve your leadership skills in order to coach others to become great leaders too.

  • Tools to build a human-centered culture – providing a varied tool kit that you can implement in your organization (and how it worked for us!)

  • 7 pillars to build a human-centric culture

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Presented by

Josiane Lorange

Josiane Lorange is Vice-President Culture, Development and Care at ISAAC Instruments. She envisions and leads organizational development initiatives to maximize ISAAC Instruments human potential and best exploit the innovation, leadership and management capacities of the team. Always curious about humans and what drives them, she continuously strives to find alternate work methods to be more creative, agile and collaborative while putting people at the center of every decision.

Prior to joining ISAAC Instruments, Josiane worked with various technology companies including HydroTerra (WSP) and Geo-3D (Trimble). Josiane holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Civil (Environmental) Engineering from McGill University, a Fellowship in International Development Management as well as an MBA from HEC.