Are you doing your maximum to efficiently manage the inherent risks of your operations? As a carrier, you are responsible for your drivers’ safety and you probably want to protect your company’s reputation. State-of-the-art technologies can help you be proactive in evaluating your risks, as well as preventing potential accidents.

Road safety and transportation

Nobody is protected against accidents. Carriers are no exception. While heavy trucks only represent 3.7% of all vehicles in Quebec, they account for 8.8% of traffic accidents, as stated in the Road Safety Record[i].

In 2014, in the province of Ontario, 3.9% of fatal crashes or personal injury accidents involved a heavy truck[ii]. Among the accidents involving a truck during this same year, about 14,000 accidents with property damage, more than 2,700 accidents with injury, and 115 accidents with fatality were reported. Negligent driving and speeding are the main causes of fatal crashes involving heavy trucks[iii].

Managing the risk at its origin

To prevent potential accidents and protect your company’s reputation, it would be wise to invest in tools that will help identify and mitigate your risks. The ISAAC InControl solution allows for not only identifying inadequate driving practices, but also for coaching the driver in real time while driving.

The ISAAC InControl solution offers you all these possibilities. It includes a tablet that coaches the driver on performance regarding fuel economy and road safety. This way you can keep an eye on your operations and take action when needed.

“I can’t hold the steering wheel of all the trucks in my fleet, but I can provide my drivers with the best tool to operate as safely as possible”, says Jacques Auger, President of Jacques Auger Transport.

The following graph illustrates the progress starting with a driver receiving no continuous feedback, and the same driver over time benefiting from ISAAC’s e-coaching:

  • The left columns show the frequency of bad practices before the integration of ISAAC’s e-coaching;

  • The right columns indicate the frequency of bad practices after the integration of ISAAC’s e-coaching.

The frequency of hard turns, hard brakes and excessive speeding has significantly decreased after the driver started using ISAAC’s e-coaching.

While driving, the tablet is securely fixed next to the driver, displaying the remaining driving hours. When a high-priority message is sent, the driver can use the text-to-speech function to listen to the message’s content while keeping both eyes on the road.

At the end of each day, drivers can access their performance report directly on their tablet, and compare their results with the objectives you have fixed. A global performance report allows you to quickly identify which drivers have not met their objectives, and take action to improve their driving practices.

ISAAC InControl also manages hours of service electronically to save your administrative team time and effort in compiling paper logbooks. It also ensures an accurate record of driving hours to prevent driver fatigue. Contact us to find out how our solution can improve your safety and your performance!


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