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Jun 7, 2019


Your fleet is expanding, but like most in the industry, the driver shortage is limiting your growth. Why not bank on a fleet management solution that improves productivity and partly offsets the lack of resources? Choosing adaptable, scalable software can help you maximize the data your fleet management solution collects and make the most of third-party apps. In turn, you can reduce the administrative workload for your drivers and increase their efficiency.

Fleet management solutions can be adapted on two levels: leveraging back-end data and customizing tablets by downloading mobile applications.

Leveraging back-end data

The onboard recorder samples a multitude of parameters at regular intervals. Possibilities for using this wealth of information depend on how open the selected platform is. Application Programming Interfaces, or API, make data extraction easy and are indicative of a platform’s adaptability. An application programming interface makes it possible to connect different software to share data.

For example, through its API, the ISAAC solution can integrate with most Transportation Management Systems, or TMS. This integration enables two-way communication that minimizes administrative tasks for both drivers and office employees. As a result, relevant information already available in the TMS is inserted in the various electronic forms available on drivers’ tablets. Office employees receive the same information in real time as well. Integration also makes it possible to calculate drivers pay automatically by extracting the hours of service recorded in their logbooks.

Using API, your developers can extract data collected by the fleet management solution to provide your customers with the location of trucks assigned to their cargo. Your developers can also integrate ISAAC data to your preventive maintenance management software to spot signs of mechanical malfunction and schedule repairs with your mechanic. Such features help lighten the load on drivers.

Customizing tablets with mobile apps

Drivers mainly interface with your fleet management solution through their onboard devices. The ability to personalize their use is crucial to providing a more user-friendly experience.

Downloading applications onto tablets provides opportunities for significant time savings. Apps such as CarriersEdge make it possible to offer drivers online training. CAT scale helps drivers weigh their trucks efficiently. You can also install apps that make drivers’ day-to-day lives a little bit easier: a calculator, radio, or even an alarm! The possibilities are endless and depend on your fleet’s specific needs.

Depending on their adaptability, fleet management solutions help increase performance. Prioritizing scalable solutions is recommended when comparing vendors. They should integrate with the back end of your TMS and allow you to download apps onto tablets. This two-level customization will enable you to optimize your drivers’ work by freeing them from administrative tasks.

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