How Automation Simplifies Compliance Management

Feb 28, 2018

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What do you do to make sure that your drivers’ log book matches their trip sheet? Have you ever detected inconsistencies between these two documents that could cause problems during an audit? To reduce the risk of errors, a simple and effective solution can be implemented: automation. Not only does automation simplify compliance management, but it also facilitates the work of drivers, dispatchers, and compliance managers.

Automated log book

The use of a single interface to manage the log book and the trip sheet ensures faultless compliance. An automated solution makes it possible to program the driver’s different activities, such as loading, refuelling, waiting on the customer, etc., and to associate the corresponding status for the service hours (driving, on duty, sleeper, or off-duty). The driver doesn’t need to worry about his electronic log book, which fills out automatically based the activities he selects. Ideally, the activities are personalized according to your needs and reflect the drivers’ daily operations. And to maximize productivity, they must be displayed on a single screen.

For the driver to have a user-friendly experience, he must be able to access his log book without having to sign out or navigate between several applications on the tablet. It is best to opt for a solution that provides a unique ID by driver, rather than by truck. This way, no matter which truck is used, a driver connects to the tablet and his service hours are updated. There is less risk of error and confusion between drivers who use the same truck.

Automatic warnings

When the drivers’ hours of service are recorded automatically, you have access to the data in real time, which helps you ensure the compliance of your drivers. Among the benefits, is the automatic sending of alerts to managers via email whenever a driver is in violation. These warnings provide information that is essential for prompt action and communication with the driver.

Why not act proactively and program alerts to be received before a driver is in violation? For example, you could receive a warning via email when there are only 5 minutes of driving left for your drivers. With this knowledge, you will be able to pay special attention and take the necessary steps to adjust operations.

In a more reactive way, and in order to improve your drivers’ practices, automation allows you to generate violation reports. You can see at a glance which drivers have committed infractions, and you can address the situation with concrete and irrefutable data.

Automation is a major benefit for your business. The ISAAC solution offers automation, and so much more. To know how the ISAAC solution can help you optimize compliance management, contact us or request a presentation.

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