Fuel savings

30% of a truck’s fuel consumption is linked to driving practices, according to data from truck manufacturers.

Use the calculator below to estimate your potential fuel savings from better driving habits across your fleet. With real-time driver coaching, ISAAC clients generally save 7 to 8% on fuel per year.

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*Results are estimated based on the information provided and assume a scenario with fair promotion and adoption of the ISAAC Coach, such as carrier incentive programs and driver engagement.

Real-time in-cab coaching helps drivers adopt best eco-driving practices. The ISAAC Coach does just that!

The ISAAC Coach—included in ISAAC’s in-cab technology—measures engine effiency and provides drivers with simple indicators for eco-friendly driving. The ISAAC Coach both generates fuel savings and encourages safer driving!

Instant feedback, real improvements

The more you help them out on the road, the more you save. The ISAAC Coach is the ultimate driver-training tool. With easy-to-follow on-screen indicators, the ISAAC Coach delivers real-time information your drivers can use instantly.

The results are impressive

Great for

Your bottom line

Delivers up to 15% fuel savings.

Great for

Your drivers

Improves safety on the road.

Great for

The environment

Maximizes ecodriving practices.

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Loved by managers and end users alike

ISAAC was present and committed every step of the way. They proved to be a strong vendor and excellent partner.
Janet Topic, Chief Information Officer, 2,500+ truck fleet
We had been looking for a solution to bring more value to the driver […] ISAAC had the best solution to meet our objectives.
David Bergeron, Director of IT, 900+ truck fleet
Investing in the ISAAC product not only provides us with the best technology, but also a high level of customization and ease of use.
Marilyn Daniel, Chief Operating Officer, 500+ truck fleet
Quality Carrrier
The ISAAC solution puts technology’s most valuable capabilities at the fingertips of all our drivers, optimizing their time and enhancing their experience.
Don Benoit, Vice President of Operations, 2,600 + truck fleet

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