Control your risk

Prevent accidents with real-time feedback

Reduce instances of hard braking and hard turns with non-distracting real-time notifications on the tablet. At the same time, improve your CSA safety score, reduce your maintenance costs and lower your insurance premiums.

Identify risky driving behaviors

Quickly identify unsafe driving behaviors. At a glance, see behaviors such as hard braking, hard turning and speeding.

Always capture the true story

Review critical event videos to better monitor and improve fleet safety. With ISAAC InView cameras in your trucks, automatically record events as they occur.

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Reconstruct complete accident details

To avoid repeating the same mistakes, you need to understand what went wrong. Understand the course of events with the help of indisputable telemetry data. Our recorder continuously samples over 40 different parameters up to 100 times per second for unmatched precision. Get free support from an engineer trained in accident reconstruction.

Reduce speeding

Promote a road safety culture with SpeedGauge™ speed data. Identify drivers who engage in risky driving behavior and those who speed. Get automated reports to detect trends in speeding within your fleet.

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Hassle-free implementation

A team of dedicated project managers to help you implement the solution.

Responsive technical support

An efficient technical support team to assist you in using our solution to its full potential.

Transportation-focused R&D

A large R&D team focused on developing powerful and innovative features.

Scalable solution

A solution that integrates with the most popular TMS on the market

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Driver-centric Solution

Choose an easy-to-use solution that focuses on the driver experience.

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Paperless Driver Workflow

Automate your operations and make your employees’ work easier.

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ELD & Compliance

Ensure compliance while maximizing hours of service.

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Fleet Management Devices

Trust the robust solution developed for the trucking industry.

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Adopt proactive risk management

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