Ramping up Your Cybersecurity Efforts

On-Demand Webinar

Investing in a solid cybersecurity plan is not an option, but a necessity. Learn about current security issues and the emerging trends in fighting them. Also find out about ISAAC’s security framework, and how we have your data covered.

Learn about:

  • Today’s cybersecurity challenges
  • The importance of cybersecurity
  • How to protect your organization
  • Cybersecurity at ISAAC

Ramp up your cybersecurity strategy to protect your business.

Presented by

Joe Russo

Joe joined ISAAC as IT Director bringing with him 15 years of experience leading IT organizations within global environments. An accomplished technology executive, Joe’s experience in aligning IT strategy with corporate strategy has made him a strong transformational leader who excels at overcoming technical, cross-cultural and organizational challenges to solve business challenges. Joe is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), has a mini MBA from McGill University and a Masters of Science in Information Technology from Sheffield Hallam University.