Driver Retention & Team Connection

On-Demand Webinar

We may surprise you by saying that user-friendly systems, such as ISAAC’s, do no magic. Not by themselves anyway. The foundation to a team’s wellness is made of caring and taking interest in what team members experience daily. It’s only after instilling this wellness culture, that tools and systems come in to support it. And sure, we’re happy to talk about that too!

Learn about:

  • A different way of looking at retention
  • Where you can find value
  • How to make it real
  • Your possible next steps

What if your drivers were the change agents you were looking for?

Presented by

Josiane Lorange

Josiane Lorange is Chief Wellbeing Officer at ISAAC Instruments. She envisions and leads organizational development initiatives to maximize human potential and unlock our team’s innovation, leadership and management capabilities. Prior to joining ISAAC Instruments, Josiane worked with various technology companies including HydroTerra (WSP) and Geo-3D (Trimble). She holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Civil (Environmental) Engineering from McGill University, a Fellowship in International Development Management as well as an MBA from HEC. A nature lover, Josiane is also passionate about lifelong learning. She describes herself as an aspiring impact maker, but those around her will tell you that she is already filling those shoes wonderfully!