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How Real-Time Driver Coaching Can Improve Driver Experience, Safety and Fuel Consumption

Are you curious about driver coaching apps but have stayed away for fear of annoying your drivers?

This webinar will give you the lowdown on how drivers are reacting at transport companies that are using such tools in their fleet. The results could surprise you. What if this is a way to actually keep drivers happy? From the drivers’ experience inside the truck, to the benefits for safety and fuel consumption, hear the stories of carriers who are experiencing it firsthand.

What you will learn

Our customers are sharing with you:

  • The benefits of real-time driver coaching

  • Incentive programs that work

  • How to get driver buy-in

  • Their results in fuel economy and saftey since introducing the ISAAC Coach

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Presented by

Jean-sebastien Bouchard_ISAAC Instruments

Jean-Sebastien Bouchard

Jean-Sebastien Bouchard is the Sales Vice-President as well as a Partner at ISAAC Instruments. He is responsible for implementing the business strategy for the telemetry and telematics solutions designed and manufactured by the company.

He has more than 20 years of experience in the development, service and commercialization, of telemetric solutions in the transportation industry. Thanks to his analytical skills and problem-solving abilities, he contributes to the evolution of ISAAC’s solutions to always better meet the requirements of the transport industry.

Jean-Sébastien holds a bachelor’s degree from McGill University in computer engineering with a specialization in technological entrepreneurship.

Cody McClain_Trucker Frieght

Cody McClain

Cody has grown up in and around the trucking industry with his Grandfather, Father, and Brother-in-Law all being professional truck drivers. Seeing the difficulties that drivers and motor carriers experience, has motivated Cody to implement many different strategies and technologies at Tucker Freight Lines, to help ensure success for everyone. These different tools have helped drivers and Tucker Freight Lines become safer and more efficient.

Derek Gaston_CN

Derek Gaston

Derek is an experienced Supervisor driven by innovation and technology. As a former driver and having worked for CN for over 12 years, he takes pride in providing the best experience possible to his customers. As a Supervisor, his goals include the implementation of new technologies that help advance the company to become more environmentally friendly and cost efficient. Derek is currently completing his BA in Business with a major in marketing.

Deryk Gillepsie_Trimac

Deryk Gillespie

Deryk has 20+ years of Transportation experience have encompassed the Rail, Intermodal, Road segments.

A change agent and recognized thought thought leader, Deryk created one of the premier analytical teams in the Railway industry, and has transformed Trimac’s fleet, capital planning, and dispatch functions. Deryk currently leads Trimac’s corporate Technology and Innovation functions and is focused on transforming transportation through the implementation of leading-edge technologies.