Do you want to automate your operations by investing in a telematics solution? Are you thinking of replacing your current system? Your choice will depend on your business needs, objectives, budget and fleet size. Since not all fleet management solutions are made equal, feedback from other carriers can help guide you in your search.

Here are some testimonials from ISAAC users and the reasons why they chose the ISAAC solution.

Ease of Use for Drivers

Generally, one of the aspects sought in a telematics solution is the system’s ease of use for drivers. Knowing that drivers have chosen their job to drive, be on the road, and not to perform administrative tasks, it is important that they have a positive experience with the in-cab technology. Telematics should make their job easier, not the other way around. That’s what these transporters think.

We have been looking for a solution to bring more value to the driver across our group of companies. A solution that is easy to use, promotes adoption of technology, and increases business efficiency. We evaluated all the big vendors in the Telematics space and found that ISAAC had the best solution to meet our objectives. The ISAAC solution checked all the boxes and brought us additional innovation that didn’t exist with other industry leaders in this space.

David Bergeron, Director of Information Technology, Kriska Transportation Group

Our corporate culture at Challenger focuses on putting people first. With respect to our drivers, we want to ensure that we are creating the best driver experience and the technology we use is integral to achieving that. Both drivers and office staff that participated in the evaluation gave the ISAAC device top marks for the driver experience it enables.

Mark Greco, Manager Corporate Solutions, Challenger Motor Freight

When we launched the ISAAC Instruments pilot, we were optimistic about the product and wanted to ensure it would perform as advertised in our application and that our workforce would endorse it. We defined an explicit set of success criteria so that our pilot results could be assessed without bias. Our assessment showed that ISAAC has delivered a robust product that our workforce found intuitive to use and that we could easily realize much of the ISAAC value proposition. The ISAAC team was eager to work with us and very responsive to our requests.

Bill Marchbank, Chief Operating Officer, Trimac

Fleet Safety Optimization

Safety of staff and road users is of great importance to carriers. From this perspective, telematics acts as an ally in preventing accidents. With real-time feedback on the tablet, the driver is notified when making hard brakes or turns. He can therefore become aware of his driving behaviour and change it immediately. Safety managers also have access to reports allowing them to make the necessary follow-ups with drivers who are more at risk. These companies have chosen ISAAC as a partner to help them optimize fleet safety.

Safety is a core value at CN and at CNTL and one that drove the decision to implement the ISAAC Solution to further optimize road safety efforts. This system will better enable CNTL to generate key performance indicators while ensuring safety on the roads.

Dan Bresolin, vice-president, Intermodal, CN

After a thorough evaluation, the ISAAC solution presented compelling value to our business. We invest heavily in communication and overall driver experience; the ISAAC interface and workflow create a user-friendly, error-free communication experience for our professional drivers. ISAAC’s real-time driver coaching supports our workplace safety culture and commitment to sustainability through fuel economy enhancement.

Brent Arnold, Director, Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd.

We opted for the ISAAC InControl solution because it allows us to increase our operational efficiency. Our objective is to optimize fuel economy and road safety through the real-time coaching of drivers. In addition, we want to improve the environment of our drivers by providing them with a powerful tablet that increases efficiency and allows them to focus on what they are passionate about, the road.

Michel Robert, President and Chief Executive Officer, Groupe Robert

Choosing a Partner for the Long Term

Implementing telematics in your fleet is an investment and will have an impact on your operations. To get the most out of it, you must choose a partner who will not only offer you reliable and scalable technology, but also a team to support you.

One of our top priorities is to ensure we are consistently utilizing the best technology to maintain a competitive advantage in our industry.  Investing in the ISAAC product not only provides us with the best technology, but also a high level of customization and ease of use. At Titanium, we are always brainstorming, inventing and improving. With this new investment, we will further strengthen our technology leadership position within the industry. We are pleased to work with a flexible supplier that can grow with our needs as we remain committed to making strategic investments in top technology to improve our key performance measures.

Marilyn Daniel, COO, Titanium Transportation Group

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Case Studies

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