Connected Cameras

Enhance your fleet’s safety with the
ISAAC InView camera system for trucks.

Get continuous recording of the road ahead and obtain visual context on critical events with easily accessible video footage.
ISAAC Instruments ELD logbook

Protect reputations 

Undeniable videos not only safeguard the reputation of your company and your drivers, but provide an extra layer of protection against lawsuits and nuclear verdicts.

On-demand footage

All video footage, linked to critical events or not, is easy to search within 20-minute hyperlapse segments and available for downloading over-the-air.

Improve training

Video footage of real-life situations allow for constructive feedback to drivers.

Automatic videos 

Hard maneuvers are automatically detected, and key video footage is instantly accessible with detailed telematics data.

Always capture the true story with undisputable data and undeniable videos.

Tamper-proof camera casing

The camera casing prevents tampering or manipulation, ensuring uninterrupted filming of the road ahead.

Optional auxiliary camera

The system features an optional compact auxiliary camera for capturing additional views inside the cab.

Loss-proof storage of footage

No important footage gets lost thanks to permanent, built-in camera memory and server storage.

Videos enhanced by meaningful data

Videos are accompanied by detailed telematics data that provides insight beyond what the eye can see.

Instant video access

The camera integrated with the system is very dependable. In January, a truck was stolen and drove to Mexico […] Within 5 minutes, I had a picture of the thief. We had everything on camera and could provide the full story to the FBI within 24 hours.

Maridee Jenkins

Safety and Compliance Manager, Rio Valley Biofuel Transport

Enhance your fleet’s safety
with connected cameras