Trucking technologies are evolving. They’re multiplying. And while they help improve the safety of your fleet, you don’t want to see your productivity drop because you’re spending time managing a bunch of different systems and software.  

What if you could take advantage of different technologies using one solution? That sparks your curiosity, doesn’t it? With ISAAC’s solution, you can take advantage of telematics, critical event videos and advanced driver assistance systems. All within the same platform.  

You have the perfect recipe for optimizing your safety managers’ time, reducing your accident costs and effectively training your drivers. The secret ingredient: integration. Let’s see how these technologies integrate and their benefits. 

How it works: ADAS + video telematics 

ISAAC’s solution is configured to receive events from third-party advanced driver assistance systems (also known as ADAS). In concrete terms, ISAAC captures signals sent by these systems already present in your trucks. In fact, most recent models are equipped with this technology. Then, in addition to capturing the ADAS events, ISAAC’s solution analyzes them with its algorithm and eliminates false positives in order to provide you with only those of interest.  

This way, you are not inundated with irrelevant critical event videos. You save time and efficiency that would otherwise be wasted reviewing irrelevant footage. 

Critical events generated by ADAS 

  • forward collision warning 

  • emergency braking  

  • dynamic stability control 

  • lane departure 

Understanding the context around certain behaviors 

Technology is an asset for risk management. Data, combined with video footage, provides a bigger picture that speaks volumes. You have access to actionable information to identify trends and target people who need additional training. You can support your recommendations with images from real-life situations.  

Let’s take an example. Place yourself in the shoes of the safety manager (or you are in fact doing that job!). You review videos of critical events from an ADAS. You notice that one of your drivers has had several collision warnings in the past. As you watch the videos, you notice that he is coming up behind other vehicles very quickly, braking at the last second, or making unsafe passing maneuvers. Fortunately, there have been no accidents yet. You can use the data and videos that demonstrate the driving behaviors to start a discussion with the driver. You can then establish better driving practices to prevent things from ending in a collision next time. 

In addition to having access to videos, you can view the data in an ADAS report. You’ll see the number of times the ADAS was triggered in the truck and see the number of events for different drivers. This will enable you to spot trends and align your training efforts.  

Improve safety 

Ultimately, technology and data can improve safety on the road and reduce accident costs. They provide you with the information you need to simplify your daily work. They support you to facilitate the adoption of good driving practices through awareness and training. You win on all fronts by using the technologies at your disposal! 

Melanie Simard
Compliance & Safety Specialist, ISAAC Instruments

Melanie Simard is a Compliance and Safety Specialist at ISAAC, and is responsible for supporting all compliance and security efforts by collaborating with internal and external stakeholders. Melanie has more than 20 years of experience in the transportation industry, during which time she has been a driver, dispatcher and compliance manager. Her great passions: transportation, beautiful trucks and adventure!

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