The ongoing situation in Ukraine can only be described as heartbreaking. The stories and images seem to grow more tragic by the day. And this taking place at an otherwise optimistic moment when the worst of the pandemic may be behind us, feels even more cruel.

At ISAAC, we are matching donations to the Red Cross’ emergency relief efforts, of up to $500 per colleague. It is one very small gesture to assist those in need and show our support during this time of crisis.

Even from across the Atlantic Ocean, each of us is impacted by these events. Supply chain disruptions remain a problem, and already elevated fuel and energy prices have surged to record levels since Russia’s invasion began.

This has served as a stark reminder that plentiful energy is a privilege. Energy is limited commodity, one that must be treated with respect. Even when prices are considered “cheap,” it is in our collective interest to use it in moderation.

During prior periods of fuel price spikes and market uncertainty, trucking fleets started taking a closer look at how to make better use of their equipment. In response, new “solutions” pop up, claiming to suddenly be able to save thousands of dollars at the pump overnight.

We pride ourselves at ISAAC in always being a trusted partner to our fleet clients, no matter the price of energy. The ISAAC Coach is one element of our fleet management solution that helps improve energy efficiency and safety, no matter a driver’s level of experience or the energy source powering the vehicle.

See the other ways ISAAC can assist your fleets and drivers. Together, we can play a role in improving energy efficiency.

Author: Jacques DeLarochelliere

CEO, Chairman and Cofounder of ISAAC Instruments

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