FPInnovations, the only accredited certification body for Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) in Canada to date, has already announced that the certification process requires, at best, a minimum of 6 weeks.

On May 1, 2021, exactly 6 weeks will remain until the Canadian ELD regulation comes into effect. For ELD providers, this deadline is critical, as the progressive enforcement announced by the Minister of Transport maintains the June 12 compliance date.

As of May 1, on the 6-week mark from the enforcement deadline, any vendor should minimally, for ALL system models they will keep in service after June 12:

  • affirm they have completed technological development;

  • affirm that the systems meet all 450+ test cases for the Canadian ELD;

  • affirm they have, for all system models, submitted their application, shipped the equipment and paid the fees to the certifying body.

At ISAAC, we take seriously our responsibility to provide a solution that is compliant and certified by an accredited body, and we have, of course, already completed all the steps listed above. We hope that major ELD vendors can, as of now, provide their clients with written confirmation that they have completed the critical steps in the process, showing that they meet the government’s timelines.

It is crucial for vendors to have done everything in their power to complete the critical steps on time, as this is the portion they control.

As a diligent partner of the transportation industry, ISAAC is committed not only to supporting the improvement of road safety, but also to driving it forward.

The date is fast approaching, and we are ready.

Author: Jacques DeLarochelliere

CEO, Chairman and Cofounder of ISAAC Instruments

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