Being a trusted partner to our fleet clients is a 24/7 effort

As we enter the new year, there is tremendous excitement among the ISAAC team to build upon our 2021 momentum. Achieving mandatory third-party ELD certification in Canada and expanding into the United States were two of the many exciting highlights of the past 12 months.

During our virtual user conference in November, we also outlined several of the innovations we are working on for our trucking clients, all focused on optimizing operations and helping drivers keep their wheels turning. It was not all that long ago, however, that ISAAC’s goals were not quite as clear.

In the early days, ISAAC was a company that attempted to be everything to everyone. We were active in many different markets, but that forever changed in April 2014 with the launch of the ISAAC InMetrics gateway and ISAAC InControl tablet.

Since that critical juncture, ISAAC has been 100% dedicated to the trucking industry. And there are no plans to change that philosophy.

Being dedicated to trucking means that our technology team—including the product, research & development, quality assurance, hardware, information technology and artificial intelligence units—all live and breathe trucking.

Being dedicated to trucking also means the operations division, made up of client success management, project management, integration, compliance, technical support, training, installation and production, also live and breathe trucking.

We are continuing to add to our already exceptional staff with specialists that bring to ISAAC even more “trucking DNA” for your benefit. ISAAC’s dedication to trucking goes deeper than our talented personnel. It means helping to build a safety culture and developing new features for our solution specific to the industry. We do this by listening to the ultimate trucking specialists: our clients.

At the same time, we are further expanding our trucking DNA through partnerships. The ISAAC Open Platform is a trucking-specific ecosystem that is dynamic and growing. It allows for added third-party functionality and a rich user experience to further aid our clients.

Not only dedicated, but trusted

ISAAC is not only dedicated to trucking but also a trusted partner because it is a healthy business with recurring revenue from you and only you, our loyal clients. We have never sold your data to inflate our revenues and valuation at your expense. And we never will.ISAAC remains financially sound, continuing to generate reasonable profits year after year. Even as we continue to expand our reach across the trucking industry, we are not burning some investors’ cash.

We also know trust can be lost quickly if we become complacent. It is why entering 2022, we are actively working to continue hiring the best talent and to deliver the best technology to our clients. That includes rolling out numerous new features and integrations in the coming months.

As we’ve witnessed over the past two years, we must be prepared for the unexpected and the unknown. But one thing you can be sure of: ISAAC will remain dedicated exclusively to the trucking industry and our fleet clients.

We take pride in your success and are thankful for your continued loyal support. Happy New Year to all!

Author: Jacques DeLarochelliere

CEO, Chairman and Cofounder of ISAAC Instruments

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