Hosting our two-day User Conference was the final major accomplishment of what has been a truly magical year for us at ISAAC Instruments. I want to thank everyone who participated in this year’s virtual event, as well as the members of the ISAAC team who spent many months working hard to make sure the event was a success.

The theme of this year’s event was “Moving Forward.” For ISAAC, that means a return to a normal innovation cycle after our placing so much emphasis on achieving third-party Canadian ELD certification. Those who participated in the User Conference got a glimpse of the many new features and product updates we already have planned for 2022 and beyond.

I will be speaking more about these advancements in the coming months. But first, I feel it’s appropriate to look back at the “Top 7” list I shared during my keynote address to open the User Conference. Each one is aimed at helping you—our fleet clients—reach higher levels of success.

No. 7 – The ISAAC Client Center

We are continually working to improve our client center, and during 2021 we took additional steps to provide you with the information you need fast, as well as to provide enhanced training materials and related content.

No. 6 – The CoPilot TruckTM Integration

The critical integration with PC*MILER is a perfect example of ISAAC’s commitment to keeping drivers moving by ensuring they travel on truck-approved routes, and that they do not get lost on the last mile. This improved automation keeps the wheels turning and eliminates frustrated phone calls by drivers back to dispatch.

No. 5 – Ease of Installation

ISAAC has continued to shrink the time it takes to install our devices on your trucks. We also have been fortunate enough to expand our staff this year, increasing our ability to help keep your trucks out on the road, thanks to efficient installations and added support.

No. 4 – ADAS-Triggered Events for ISAAC InView Cameras

Purchasing new tractors is a major investment, and investing in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) offered by truck manufacturers saves countless lives. Combining these technologies with the ISAAC InView camera system not only further increases highway safety, but can be a critical training tool for drivers.

No. 3 – ISAAC’s Improved Wheel Retorque Feature

The fleets already using this free feature know it can save innocent lives and avoid a potential nuclear verdict from an at-fault accident. For those not aware of this service, I called it the “golden nugget” of our user conference. Our telematics solution tracks the distance traveled and issues retorquing reminders to the driver on his or her in-cab device.

No. 2 – Third-party ELD Certification in Canada

We initially received certification last month for our ISAAC InMetrics Series 2 device, and then were informed during the User Conference our Series 1 device had also been certified. These are major achievements for ISAAC and truly was a company-wide effort. The certification guarantees your trucks are already in compliance with Canada’s ELD mandate, and allows us to shift our focus back to future innovations.

No. 1 – People First

The past year has been a challenge in so many ways, but we are truly blessed at ISAAC to have been able to fill more than 50 positions during 2021, adding a wide range of experienced professionals with “trucking DNA” to our already stellar team. This great team is now at your service, working hard each day to meet your needs.

We hope you enjoyed our 2021 User Conference as much as we did bringing the wide range of content to you. We may not know what challenges may come your way tomorrow, but you can be sure that ISAAC stands ready to be your partner in finding the right solutions.

Author: Jacques DeLarochelliere

CEO, Chairman and Cofounder of ISAAC Instruments

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