Reduce operating costs

Automate driver workflow

Reduce the number of errors thanks to the integrated workflow. Forms are pre-filled with information from your transport management system to limit manual entry. Favorite and location-based activities guide your drivers step by step. Don’t leave anything to chance!

Make life simpler with our all-in-one tablet

Your drivers do everything with their tablets. They have access to their logbooks and trip sheets, which synchronize automatically on a single screen. Thanks to the touch screen and integrated camera, they can capture electronic signatures, take pictures during DVIR and read barcodes.

Improve customer service

Your dispatchers can easily add or modify trips and prioritize driver activities, which leaves them more time to spend on dispatching and customer service. Meanwhile, drivers have access to up-to-date workflows that list stops in order.

Automatically measure time spent at customer facilities

Be aware of every minute spent in customer yards. Easily create specific zones in the ISAAC software and automatically receive notifications when your drivers arrive or leave customer sites.

Communicate instantly and safely

Because time is of the essence, communication needs to be as efficient as possible. Messages between drivers and dispatchers are sent instantly. To avoid distracted driving, drivers can activate text-to-speech with a single click.

Boost efficiency in every way

  • Scan bills of lading.

  • Adjust prices with automated wait time calculations.

  • Manage cargo with barcode scanning.

  • Invoice customers quickly using electronic signatures.

  • Scan shipping orders to accelerate the processing of ACE/ACI documents.

Facilitate the driver payroll process

Automate payroll and save time using ISAAC-provided data. Automatic capture of arrival and departure times, location and distance traveled helps simplify driver payroll calculations and validation processes.

Leverage integration flexibility

Our scalable solution and ultra-flexible APIs support software integration to facilitate carrier operations. Do you want to know how the ISAAC solution can connect with your current tools? Contact our team of specialists!

Wait! There’s much more.

Hassle-free implementation

A team of dedicated project managers to help you implement the solution.

Responsive technical support

An efficient technical support team to assist you in using our solution to its full potential.

Transportation-focused R&D

A large R&D team focused on developing powerful and innovative features.

Scalable solution

A solution that integrates with the most popular TMS on the market

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Fleet Management Devices

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