In September, we celebrate the importance of truck drivers across Canada and the United States. Various events are organized to thank them for the exceptional work they do for the benefit of the entire population. Let’s face it, these workers are part of the backbone of our economy.

In Canada, National Trucking Week runs from September 5 to 11, while in the U.S., National Driver Appreciation Week runs from September 12 to 18.

The importance of drivers

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the spotlight on essential workers around the world. Truckers are among them. The general public quickly realized their importance in the early days of the pandemic when store shelves were being emptied at lightning speed. We all relied on drivers to deliver the goods we needed.

The situation has since stabilized slightly, but the work that drivers do is still just as critical, although not as “visible” as it was during the pandemic’s early days. Public perception of trucking must remain positive. We must not forget and fall back into bad habits of sometimes disrespectful behavior behind the wheel. We must appreciate the work of truckers and be willing to share the roads both in the city and on the highway.

Grateful at all times

We must remember the importance of trucking, whether we are in a pandemic situation or not. Drivers are passionate about their work. They are dedicated and committed individuals who often spend time away from family and friends to ensure the population has access to essential goods. They face daily challenges such as parking lot access, road blockages, bad weather, etc. But nothing stops them!

Trucks carry 70% of all goods delivered in the United States. In Canada, that number rises to 90%.

During National Trucking Week, and on other days of the year, let’s say thank you to the 3,900,000 drivers in the United States and Canada.

At ISAAC, our appreciation and commitment to truck drivers are reflected in our mission to develop solutions based on their needs and reality. We also participate in various initiatives organized by trucking associations across Canada and the United States.

Happy Trucking Week to all of you!

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