The word “automated” is usually associated with self-driving trucks, but Jacques DeLarochelliere, CEO and co-founder of ISAAC says automation should extend throughout a fleet’s operations.

That was among the key takeaways from his conversation with Fleet Equipment magazine for its “Unscripted” video series. During a recent visit to ISAAC’s U.S. office in Cleveland, DeLarochelliere took the short drive to Akron, Ohio, to meet with Jason Morgan, content director at Fleet Equipment.

DeLarochelliere points out automation is about having the right answers at the right time, and goes far beyond just serving the driver. If a driver is having a problem, not only is that truck not moving, but it pushes some of the workload to back-office staffers.

“Taking an automated approach to your workflow […] means putting the right information at your fingertips when you need it and not wasting time trying to track down the answers you need,” says DeLarochelliere. “And you can do that right now.”

With so many companies struggling to fill open positions in many different departments, taking steps to increase automation and create a smoother workflow is growing more important than ever.

The “Unscripted” interview also touches on the Canadian ELD mandate, cybersecurity, data security and other topics. Visit Fleet Equipment magazine to watch the entire conversation

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