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With exceptional uptime, our reliable fleet management solution keeps your trucks on the move generating revenue. Enable your team to remain connected and efficient with built-for-trucking ELD and telematics.

ISAAC offers a scalable solution that delivers rich, usable information for optimizing operations, and that promotes driver safety and efficiency.

ISAAC Hardware

Built for Trucking with Drivers in Mind

Your operations can only be efficient if your drivers are. ISAAC’s robust solution is driver-centric, with hardware designed with them in mind.

  • a weather-resistant tablet drivers can use inside and outside the cab, rugged enough to withstand drops

  • a sturdy custom-designed tablet dock installed to preserve road visibility, minimize distraction and enhance driver safety

  • a recorder that not only provides rich, usable information, but is also a WiFi access point that keeps drivers connected for maximum efficiency

  • a camera system that protects the reputation of your drivers and your company

ISAAC InMetrics

A black box that gives you power

ISAAC’s recorder samples an unmatched amount of actionable telemetry data—40 different parameters up to 100 times per second—that lets you monitor fleet performance and make informed decisions.

It is also a wireless access point that keeps your drivers connected while on the road.

It offers much more than simple GPS fleet tracking and truck telematics. It gives you the power of knowledge and connection.

Recorder Highlights

Unmatched data collection

50 times more data collected per day per vehicle than with the typical telemetry  solution. This  provides finely granular, quality data that enables quality decision-making and supports accident reconstruction when required.

All-around connectivity

Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, Satellite systems : GPS / GLONASS / Galileo / Beidou

Over-the-air software updates

Staying up to date with the latest features is effortless and involves no operational downtime for your fleet.

Built for extreme temperatures

Rugged build with a wide operating temperature range, for smooth running in both northern and southern climates.

Resistant to vibration, shocks, water

MIL SPEC standards design, and laboratory tested to keep your data intact in extreme situations.

3-Year complete warranty

All parts, and damage from accidents or exposure to environmental conditions.

ISAAC InControl

A built-for-trucking tablet that empowers drivers

Drivers need a tablet with a robust build, suited to the harsh day-to-day of trucking, and that provides features that help them be efficient and save time.

They use ISAAC’s weather-resistant, drop-resistant tablet both inside the cab and outside the truck as they go about their operations.

It is easy to use, as it guides them through paperless workflows while minimizing clicks and data entry so they can focus on driving. It also features the ISAAC Coach that encourages safe, ecofriendly driving.

Tablet Highlights

Built-for-trucking ruggedness

Withstands drops. Operates in extreme temperatures and tough weather, inside and outside the cab.

Integrated camera and scanners

Pictures for vehicle inspections, document scanning for faster billing, barcode scanning for efficient cross-dock operations.

Security-conscious installation

The mobile tablet remains solidly fixed in its custom-designed dock while driving, positioned to avoid interference with driver visibility.

Prevents driver distraction

Locked screen while driving to prevent distraction, and text-to-speech messaging to handle urgent messages.

Driver-centric, time-saving features

Auto-on feature on ignition, pre-filled information on screen, with features designed to minimize screen taps.

Actionless charging and long battery life

The charger dock keeps the tablet charged, and long battery life amply covers drivers’ out-of-dock usage.


Always capture the true story

ISAAC’s camera system helps you enhance fleet safety with a dash cam that provides continuous recording of the road ahead.

When critical events are detected aboard the truck, video footage that includes 10 seconds before and after the event is automatically downloaded for your viewing. What’s more, you can easily browse through any video footage on demand, and rapidly pinpoint the quality video sequence you actually need downloaded.

Robustly built and with a tamper-proof casing, the camera is reliable in helping you better understand critical events and in safeguarding the reputation of your company and your drivers.

More reasons to choose ISAAC InView

Camera Highlights

Automatic downloading of critical event videos

Hard maneuvers are automatically detected and key video footage is instantly downloaded over the air for easy viewing.

Tamper-proof camera casing

The casing prevents tampering or repositioning of the camera, to ensure uninterrupted filming of the road ahead.

Optional auxiliary camera

The system features an optional compact auxiliary camera for capturing additional views inside the cab.

On-demand access to all video footage

All video footage, including footage not linked to hard maneuvers, can be selectively downloaded on demand, over the air.

Camera operation monitoring

The system monitors camera operation to ensure continuous  gap-free, recording.

Loss-proof storage of meaningful footage

No important footage gets lost thanks to permanent, unremovable camera memory and server storage following downloads.

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