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Improved driver experience

Titanium Transportation Group cares about its employees’ well-being. The company was recognized by Trucking HR Canada’s Top Fleet Employers Council as one of the top organizations in the transportation industry in terms of working environment. In keeping with its values, Titanium was seeking a fleet management solution that would improve their drivers’ experience.

Eliciting driver engagement is essential for every carrier. That is why when Titanium assessed the various options available on the market, they sought a solution that would be readily adopted by drivers.

Before choosing ISAAC, Titanium assessed several fleet management solutions using a strict process. Other solutions offered complicated workflows and restrictive scanning options. Drivers had to perform unecessary steps, which lengthened the process.

An optimized workflow

The user-friendly ISAAC solution immediately stood out during the deployment phase. Drivers are sure not to miss anything thanks to the step-by-step workflow walkthrough displayed on the ISAAC tablet. Logbooks are also automatically updated according to driver activities (pickups, deliveries, etc.). Activities are color-coded so drivers can quickly find what they need.v

The ability to scan documents

Before adopting the ISAAC solution, the management of documents such as proof of delivery, bill of lading, etc. was tedious for Titanium’s drivers. They would compile this information using various channels: taking a picture from their personal phone, faxing, emailing etc. Processing all this information was complicated.

With its integrated scanner, the ISAAC tablet has greatly simplified the documentation process and is now the only means used to transmit documents. Moreover, by integrating document scanning into the workflow, the ISAAC solution saves a significant number of clicks.

But that’s not all! By combining ISAAC scanning capabilities with their document management system, Titanium has significantly reduced the time dedicated to file management. The system indexes and stores the received documentation without any manual intervention.

The tablet’s wireless capability

With the wireless capability of the tablet, drivers can walk around their truck or trailer and use the tablet to take pictures of any defect or failed inspection item. This has greatly facilitated communication between drivers and the maintenance team. Pictures provide an accurate view of the problem and eliminate unproductive back and forth.

The driver buy-in process

Although the tablet was positively reviewed during the deployment phase, drivers were initially reluctant to change their electronic logging device, or ELD. After a short time using the ISAAC solution, drivers realized the undeniable advantages it offered. Transport management system information is automatically integrated into the tablet, which makes for significant time savings. Pre-populated fields and automated arrivals and departures also help avoid unnecessary clicks. After three weeks of use, drivers had overcome their reluctance and appreciated their new work tool.


The ease with which the ISAAC solution can be customized played a large role in gaining driver acceptance. Drivers saw that their suggestions were applied within a few weeks, whereas changes to their prior system took a few months to implement in the best of cases.

When we implemented the ISAAC solution, some drivers initially asked for their old, familiar system back. But when these same users saw how quickly their suggestions were implemented, their attitude towards ISAAC shifted radically. Improvement suggestions began to pour in.

Rob Lang

Manager, Application Software

Shorter training times

ISAAC’s software is some of the most user-friendly we have ever seen.

With the former system, drivers required 3 to 4 hours of training, no matter how skilled they were with technology. To switch status, the former system needed users to go through several dialog screens and click ten or so buttons.

Using ISAAC is intuitive. Training takes between 1 and 3 hours, depending on how skilled drivers are with technology. A change in status (driving, on duty, off duty or sleeper) takes only two clicks. Drivers generally have questions during the first week of use. After this introductory period, they are fully proficient with the solution.




3 to 4 hours

No matter the level

of technology skills

1 to 3 hours

Depending on the level

of technology skills


3 dialog screens

and 10 or so clicks

2 clicks

Remote support application

The ISAAC solution includes a remote support application. With this application, the operations team members can access driver tablets remotely.

That way, they can provide rapid support and guide the driver if a question arises. The software significantly lessens frustration and misunderstandings.

The remote support application has made our training process much easier. Drivers are reassured to know that if there’s a question, we can guide them on how to use the tablet as if we were right there by their side.

Rob Lang

Manager, Application Software

Summary of ISAAC solution benefits

About Titanium

Titanium is a leading asset-based transportation and logistics company servicing Canada and the United States, with approximately 475 power units, 1,400 trailers and 600 employees and independent owner operators. Titanium provides truckload, dedicated, and cross-border trucking services, freight logistics, and warehousing and distribution to over 1,000 customers.

Titanium is a recognized consolidator of asset-based transportation companies in Ontario, having completed ten asset-based trucking acquisitions since 2011. Titanium has also been ranked by PROFIT magazine as one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies for twelve consecutive years.

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