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Performance-based pay

Transport ATD sought for years to introduce an incentive plan where its drivers’ pay would be based on performance. The system the company was using however, was outdated and limited. It was impossible to isolate uncontrollable elements such as truck aerodynamics, engine power, load, slope and wind. This existing system was keeping the company from putting together a fair and equitable ecodriving program.

Building a reliable incentive plan

Ghislain Tessier, president of Transport ATD, first heard about ISAAC at the Quebec Trucking Association annual conference in 2015. The moment he saw the ISAAC InControl tablet, he knew that he had finally found what he had been looking for.

“I wanted more than just a tablet. We had already conducted a pilot project with tablets designed for regular consumers, but the results weren’t conclusive. It was ISAAC’s real-time telemetry that won me over,” said Tessier.

ISAAC telemetry data


Transport ATD installed ISAAC’s telemetry system on its fleet of about thirty trucks. A few months later, the team had collected enough telemetry data to establish a baseline and create a reliable weighting scheme for the incentive plan. Unlike the old system, ISAAC’s system provided data that was precise, and irrefutable. The drivers’ wages and bonuses finally reflected their actual performance. Moreover, with KPIs now displayed on the tablet in real-time, drivers could adjust their driving and improve their score.

Average driver score goes from 50% to 83% in five months

When the incentive plan was first introduced, the average score was 50%. “In the beginning, the drivers were reluctant, which is normal. So I tested the system myself on a truck. The driving practices suggested by the ISAAC InControl tablet were exactly what I wanted my drivers to apply,” said Tessier. “By following the gradual acceleration and anticipation indicators, I was able to significantly improve my performance,” he adds. Within only five months, the average score went from 50% to 83%. Now, weekly average scores range from 85% to 90%. Five drivers have even maintained a 100% score this past year.

In no time at all, the drivers were figuring out the new ISAAC system and motivating each other. “That’s when I realized I’d all but fed blood to sharks!” said Tessier. Some drivers took it upon themselves to explain to their coworkers the pros of getting a good score. It didn’t take long to see progress.

In addition to improving driver performance, telemetry led to a significant drop in fuel costs. Transport ATD saw a definite improvement in just one year. Fuel consumption went from 5.88 MPG to 6.92 MPG, with cases that were even more impressive. A 15% savings that doesn’t go unnoticed!

A complete solution with countless benefits

In addition to improving drivers’ ecodriving and bettering fuel economy, Tessier emphasizes that the switch to ISAAC InControl was beneficial on several fronts. “ISAAC is the tool that allowed me to significantly improve my company’s profitability and prosperity,” he said.


Profitable returns after six months

The significant improvement in ecodriving performance, the resulting fuel economy, as well as lower maintenance costs have all allowed Transport ATD to get a return on its investment in the ISAAC solution, in only six months.

About Ghislain Tessier

Ghislain Tessier has been working in the family-owned Transport ATD company for over ten years. He joined management in 2013, and now as president, he is leading this fast-growing company.

About Transport ATD

Transport ATD is a family-owned company that has been providing quality services for over 30 years. Specialized in the transport of goods in Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes, and even the United States, Transport ATD also offers outstanding mechanical services for heavy vehicles at its new location.

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