4 Benefits of Dash Cameras for Drivers and Carriers

Jul 18, 2018


Drivers cover thousands of miles. They are always on the road, which implies they are also more likely to be involved in traffic accidents. Heavy-duty vehicles are massive, and are often the first to be blamed when incidents occur. However, the Ohio Department of Transportation has found that of all fatal accidents involving a heavy-duty vehicle and a car, the truck driver is not responsible in 80% of cases. Correctly assessing fault requires solid evidence, such as video. Here are 4 benefits to using dash cameras to maximize the safety of your fleet.

1. Understanding the Context of an Accident

Thousands of heavy-duty vehicle accidents caught on video by dashboard cameras have been uploaded to YouTube. In several videos, cars drift from their lane and end up in an unfortunate position before being hit by a truck. Unfortunately, trucks don’t always have the time or room to avoid collisions. Besides physical injuries caused by accidents, the cost of damages can climb quickly.

It can be hard to determine who is at fault without images to provide context to the accident. Vehicle damage is the first element to be examined when attempting to reconstruct an accident. Given a truck’s weight, the damage cars can sustain is impressive. However, if the accident was caught on video using a dash cam, the context of the accident can be easily demonstrated. Drivers may be exonerated by showing that their driving was not at fault.

2. Presenting Irrefutable Evidence

Video enables drivers to not only establish the context of an accident but also to prove their innocence. It is irrefutable proof that helps avoid conflicting viewpoints, such as the truck driver’s word against the motorist’s. Facts are clear and not open to interpretation.

3. Speeding Up the Insurance Refund Process

It should be noted that dashboard camera recordings are admissible in court. Often, the images speak for themselves, which can help speed up the insurance refund process. They not only exonerate an innocent driver but also help protect the carrier’s reputation.

4. Protecting Drivers

A dash cam is useful in the event of a road accident, but it can be just as useful in the event of theft or hit-and-run. Who is responsible if a truck sustains damage but the faulty party leaves the premises without warning? The innocent truck driver obviously does not want to shoulder the blame or pay for damages. Catching the incident on camera, protects drivers and can show they are not at fault. It could also help track down the guilty party and begin procedures with the insurance company.

Maximize the Benefits of Dashboard Cameras Using Telemetry

The above-mentioned benefits have surely convinced you of the usefulness of dashboard cameras. You now know that images pulled from a camera system can help protect your drivers and your company’s reputation. However, images alone do not tell the whole story. For a comprehensive view, you can opt for an integrated solution that combines telemetry with a dashboard camera system, such as lSAAC InView. You can combine truck telemetry data with indisputable video.


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