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Best Practices

9February 2022

How the Pandemic Has Increased Cybersecurity Threats

COVID-19 has altered nearly every aspect of our professional and personal lives over the past two years. The pandemic has also provided hackers and cybercriminals new ways to exploit unprepared companies, many of whom are still scrambling to update their security plans.

20October 2021

ELDs Remove Roadblocks for Drivers

Electronic logging devices (ELDs) are starting to generate so many data points that they can be utilized to gain better insight into the workday of truck drivers. Speaking at the recent Truckload 2021 event in Las Vegas, David Heller, vice president of government affairs with the Truckload Carriers [...]

23April 2021

Our best tips for successful ELD implementation

You are likely aware that electronic logging devices (ELDs) will soon be mandatory in Canada for federally regulated carriers. These have already been the norm in the United States for a few years. Whether you’re looking for an ELD solution or just started shopping, this article is for you. We’ve g [...]

30March 2021

Your checklist for Canadian ELDs

Canadian ELD regulations have been a topic of discussion for quite a while. Carriers must be confident they understand how these regulations will affect them. Here is a checklist to ensure you’re well prepared. Determine if the new rule applies to you First, determine if the upcoming Canadian ELD r [...]

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